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Founded in 2022, SURVIOT Monitoring Ltd. is a dynamically developing startup. Founders have decades of experience in devloping geospatial applications and data integration platforms. Our expertise includes cartography, remote sensing and data warehouses.


Years of Experience in one Startup
iOT - internet of things


In 2020 we started developing an automated monitoring system for tunnel building convergence monitoring, surface and building movement observations and for gathering hydrogeological parameters.

We developed SURVIOT to enable automated collection, processing and presentation of data.

Csaba Sándor
Co-founder, CEO and Business Development Manager
Csaba’s main goal is to introduce SURVIOT to the local and international markets, to find projects where SURVIOT would help most. His responsibility is to build the team and the company behind SURVIOT.
Attila Berényi, PhD
Co-founder, cto

Attila is the technical leader. He is responsible for the architecture of SURVIOT and to choose the best available technology for the platform. Supervises product development from hardware to software, from web application to mobile. Gathers and prioritizes new ideas for features as well as for development of the cloud infrastructure.

András Rab
Co-founder, business development consultant

As a think tank and parent of the original idea for SURVIOT, András helps us to find leads on different markets using his local and international network. He proposes new features for the product based on his experience.

Ádám Barancsuk

Leads application development by overseeing the processes and the work of other developers. His speciality is mapping and 3D presentation. Diagrams and DevOps are also on his plate.

Krisztina Dömötör
business development engineer

With her monitoring experience and network Krisztina helps us to grow on the local market. She identifies projects, generates leads and follows them up through the sales cycle.

Tamás Kotroczó
Monitoring Enginner

Tamás is the field engineer in the team with a lot of structural monitoring installation and maintenance experience. He oversees sensor operation on the sites. Installs and maintains sensors. Recommends sensor setup for new projects.

Dániel Szük

Daniel is the main fullstack developer on the team. He does all the backend work and sometimes ventures into developing frontend code as well.

Tamás Mohos
hardware developer
Tamás is the brain behind the SURVIOT POD data loggers. He has built and programmed the hardware unit which is the heart of the PODs. He solved sensor integration, communication and remote configuration issues.
MandoLab Team
incubator partner

As our incubator partner, the team provides valuable business consulting services to SURVIOT. They help SURVIOT in foreign market development as well. Their persistence and professionalism helped us secure our preseed round of investment.