Complete Oversight
Be aware of the movements and deformations of the structure and its surroundings.
Peace of mind
Minimize damage claims that could cause millions of euros worth of damage!
Cost reduction
Avoid unexpected costs by gaining insight into project details!
Data Acquisition
Minimized field work with reduction of repetitive and time-consuming tasks!
our promise

Up-to-date information and meaningful insights around the clock

Our smart and automated monitoring platform provides all necessary information such as raw and processed data, reports, charts, notifications and alerts to the right persons.
As SURVIOT is a cloud-based platform you have all relevant project information in your hand anywhere, anytime.

SURVIOT in construction industry

From site engineer, to design engineer, SURVIOT can be useful in many cases, for many people. Even for decision makers and owners.

Get, visualize and understand monitoring data 24/7 without leaving your office!

Decrease project costs and keep up with construction progress anytime, anywhere!

Keep quality standards on a high level and sleep well knowing that safety is monitored all the time!

Automatic sensors watch your project around the clock and send you alerts and forthright reports when you need to act.

Our philosophy

Assisting decision making processes, increasing safety, reducing cost...

…throughout the lifecycle of your project.

With SURVIOT, collecting data and information from the project – thanks to the sensors and the automated monitoring platform – is as easy as never before. Save time for yourself and support or make your decision-making quicker!

Our engineering hardware and software platform is able to analyze & visualize data, furthermore it reports, notifies and sends alerts to selected people.

Sensors work 24/7 regardless of weather conditions. Less field work, less energy on data collection, faster and easier monitoring will reduce the project costs.

50+ years experience in our start-up


Within our team we have 50+ years experience in developing geospatial applications. Besides the deep know-how in construction industry monitoring, SURVIOT is supported by experts with related professional experience, such as transportation, IT and communication.

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