Accurate measurement of vertical movements and tilting

The GNSSPOD is a product that utilizes Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) technology to determine position, velocity, and time information. GNSS relies on multiple satellite navigation systems such as the American GPS, Russian GLONASS, European Galileo, and Chinese BeiDou, making it usable anywhere on Earth.
Explore the SURVIOT GNSSPOD, a remarkable product that harnesses the capabilities of GNSS technology for precise and reliable results.
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Key areas to use GNSSPODs

The SURVIOT GNSSPOD is an exceptionally versatile solution, offering its advantages across a variety of applications and environments. Some of the key areas where it is highly useful include:
  • Harsh environments: The GNSSPOD can withstand extreme conditions and deliver accurate data, making it a reliable choice in challenging settings.
  • Remote locations: In places where other methods may fail, the GNSSPOD ensures consistent and precise information gathering.
  • Accurate displacement measurement: Its ability to detect surface movements makes it an invaluable tool when swift response and decision-making are essential.

These features make SURVIOT’s GNSSPOD an indispensable asset in numerous situations.

The SURVIOT GNSSPOD is a cutting-edge monitoring solution that provides a wide range of advantages to users, making it an indispensable tool for various applications. This versatile and innovative product is designed to meet the diverse needs of its users, from large-scale industries to small-scale monitoring projects. The GNSSPOD delivers outstanding performance, reliability, and ease of use, all while offering an affordable and efficient alternative to traditional monitoring systems. Some of the key advantages of the GNSSPOD include:
  1. Fully autonomous sensors: The GNSSPOD requires no external power input, as it runs on solar and battery power, ensuring continuous operation and reducing energy costs.
  1. Easy deployment: With variable installation options such as tripods, concrete bases, consoles, or poles, setting up the sensor is a breeze, saving time and effort for users.
  1. SURVIOT Cloud software: Visualize and share data effortlessly through the user-friendly interface, enhancing collaboration and decision-making.
Surface movement measurement by SURVIOT
  1. API integration: Seamlessly incorporate data into your existing systems for a streamlined workflow.
  1. High-precision detection: Enjoy accuracy comparable to professional surveyor’s receivers, ensuring reliable and trustworthy data.
  1. Versatile communication options: Stay connected through mobile networks, WiFi, or even satellite communication, enabling remote monitoring and real-time data access.
  1. Configurable measurement cycles: Customize the frequency of measurements according to your needs via the SURVIOT interface, allowing for tailored monitoring solutions.
  1. Adaptive configuration: Increase the number of measurements based on weather data or other POD’s measurements, ensuring optimal data collection in varying conditions.
  1. Low maintenance: The GNSSPOD’s design features no moving parts, resulting in minimal upkeep requirements and reduced downtime.
  1. Cost-effective: The affordable pricing allows for a comprehensive monitoring network without breaking the bank, making it accessible to a wider range of users.
  1. Rental option: Benefit from intermittent monitoring solutions without long-term commitments, providing flexibility for projects with variable monitoring needs.
  1. Outlier filter: Focus on meaningful information by filtering out irrelevant data points, ensuring efficient data analysis and accurate conclusions.
  1. Adaptive sensor control: utilise our cutting-edge adaptive sensor control solution to spare battery power in low activity periods.
  1. Remote operation: control measurement programmes remotely from within the SaaS – change the predefined/automatically derived measurement frequency whenever you like.
The multitude of advantages offered by the SURVIOT GNSSPOD makes it an essential addition to any monitoring system, delivering exceptional performance and value for users across various industries and applications.


Variety of communication channels
  • GSM
  • LoRa (WAN)
  • WiFi
  • SatCom
Supported GNSS Constellations
  • GPS
  • Galileo
  • BeiDou
Supported GNSS Augmentation Systems
  • QZSS
Standard Uncertainty
  • Horizontal 2,9 mm
  • Vertical 6,3 mm
GNSS Corrections
  • RTK – Real Time Kinematic
  • PPK – Post Processed Kinematic
Power supply options
  • battery
  • solar panel
  • mains

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