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SURVIOT is an advanced Structural Health Monitoring solution

Structural health monitoring (SHM) is a key part of the longterm safety plan of any infrastructures and buildings, leastwise it should be.

SURVIOT provides smart movement and deformation monitoring solutions for civil engineering projects with automated data collection, processing, analysis, reporting and alerting.

Attaching sensors to structures and gathering their data you may have complete oversight of their condition. Analysing the data helps to identify problems way before human life and property is endangered.

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4 stages of the SURVIOT monitoring progress

  • SURVIOT controls your sensors that acquire all the necessary data while you are working on civil engineering or building construction projects
  • The collected data is sent to the cloud, where the SURVIOT engineering platform processes and analyzes it
  • Once analyzed the SURVIOT app visualizes the most important metrics for you
  • Automated reports and notifications ensure that you are always up-to-date

Modular engineering platform

Engineering platform that integrates the data acquisition, for example PODs and other third party sensors (e.g. weather stations, geodesic and geotechnical instruments), and the engineering backend, which is a flexible, vendor independent system responsible for data collection, processing and analysis.

It can be easily extended with new methods of processing thanks to its modular architecture.
Our latest developments incorporate the power of machine learning to provide invaluable insight to decision makers about the current state of their project.

PODs made by our engineers

Wide range of automated sensors developed by the SURVIOT team Including, but not limited to PPK GNSS based movement monitoring (SURVIOT GNSS POD), piezo-electric water level (water pressure) monitoring (SURVIOT Well POD) and inclination monitoring (SURVIOT Inclino POD).

Our platform is sensor-agnostic, therefore we can integrate any existing hardware components or complete monitoring solution as long as it is generating a digital output.

Web interface

Users interact with a web interface through 3D maps, graphs and tables making it easy to view, filter and export the sensor data and the results of the analysis. The centralised source of information (single source of truth) reduces overhead in communication and ensures that multidisciplinary decisions can be made with more confidence.

We give the users maximal flexibility in terms of configuration of the platform from user permissions to bespoke data acquisition programmes for PODs. We believe the users should be in charge of their project, therefore our motto is self-service when it comes to the user interface. When you need support we are there for you.

Alerts and Reports

Periodic, automated and customisable reporting makes it easy to transform the information into easily consumable and interpretable tables and charts. Customizable multi-channel notifications (e-mail, SMS, WhatsApp, etc.) support decision making and taking immediate action when and where needed to increase safety and efficiency – to ensure peace of mind for everyone involved.

AR - Augmented Reality

Walk around the site and get instant information as you go. Our augmented reality mobile app helps you to find sensors on the field and makes it easy to retrieve the latest trends alongside with simple sensor metrics. For a more detailed insight it takes you to the SURVIOT web app with a single tap.

Do you have any questions?

We truly hope that functions and advantages of our product piqued your interest and raised questions. Please find the most common ones on our FAQ page!