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Unexpected costs will be a thing of the past

You can optimize your on-site expenses with SURVIOT as our SHM solution helps you to save the work hours of several, hard-to-find surveyors and monitoring engineers. Due to SURVIOT’s monthly subscription fee, you can support your business’ liquidity by avoiding huge upfront costs.

SURVIOT will constantly alert and report to you to avoid and prevent otherwise unexpected accidents. Our modular engineering platform will provide you the necessary information to support your decisions and actions to be able to act in time and avoid damages.

Not convinced? Let us prove our point by introducing SURVIOT to you and even becoming one of our pilot projects.

It works like this

Engineering and monitoring costs can be planned more accurately

Engineering and monitoring costs can be planned more accurately

SURVIOT can help you to be more effective by becoming more transparent. This way, you can avoid extra costs related to missing data and lack of information sharing within your organization. You can achieve this with SURVIOT’s automatized reporting, that you can share with involved parties.

Our reporting and alerting module with powerful visualization helps you to understand data more easily and to spot issues more quickly.


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