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After proper installation SURVIOT sensors work autonomously. Self-service configuration is available on the SURVIOT GUI.
You can set measurement intervals, notification thresholds, severity levels, channels, colors etc. You can assign these privileges to groups of users to target most relevant stakeholders. The POD will automatically wake up and download its configuration before its next cycle.
You only need to change batteries when one is depleted, however, using solar panels to extend battery life is recommended. When do you need to change batteries? SURVIOT will alert you when the battery is low.
It works like this

See more with less fieldwork

SURVIOT automatically processes the incoming data according to sensor type. For example it carries out advanced engineering calculations like GNSS post-processing or geodetic calculations.

Simple statistical parameters like mean, standard deviation, median or more complex metrics like correlation and trends are also supported. The modularity of the engineering platform ensures that your special needs can be integrated easily.

Leave most of the field work and repetitive, tedious calculations to SURVIOT and spend time where it’s the most valuable: making informed expert decisions based on the processed data.

SURVIOT supports you with maps, charts, tables, alerts and reports. Spare the time of sharing data on paper or spreadsheets. Relevant stakeholders will see the big picture and details in real time. You can even upload your manually measured data for further processing.


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