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See what is happening with your project by checking only SURVIOT

SURVIOT increases the value of your investment by letting you act on faults in time. This will result in a longer lifespan for your structure.
Carry out the necessary repairs in time to avoid higher costs and damage later. Using SURVIOT you’ll get a clear picture of the state of your structure. You can monitor the activities of the contractors real time. Without proper monitoring you rely on information which is provided by the contractor team.
With SURVIOT you can get the transparency you pay for using our self explaining dashboards, maps and charts. The platform gives your control engineers the information to exercise real control over the results.
It works like this

Complete oversight on project is available

As a customer you will have complete oversight of the structural health in real time when your structure is under construction or even during its operation. Check construction quality on the fly and avoid extra costs.

Have confidence in your decisions when your engineering team sees low quality results. Utilise the power of autonomous monitoring solutions – just like SURVIOT – and avoid reputation risks by proving you took proper precautionary measures on your projects.

Prove your point with reliable information to any stakeholder, be it authorities or neighboring landowners. Proper monitoring increases the expected lifespan of your structure.


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