Presenting the content of the project

The occuring global digital boom in the construction industry, and the increasing investments all require a user-friendly, modern approach. The currently used monitoring solutions on the market don’t really meet with the new digital requirements. SURVIOT was born as a response of these requirements – the platform is an open and digital-friendly solution, which is not dependent of any manufacturer or sensor. Our customers usually come from the construction industry with new projects, but the so-called “retro-fitting” is also significant nowadays – it covers the safety monitoring activities of existing buildings. Through investors, constructors and professionals, we are also in touch with medium and big players of the market. 

Beneficiary: SURVIOT Monitoring Kft.

Name of the project: The movement and deformation monitoring platform’s development and introduction to the market

The amount of risk capital under contract to be reimbursed: 65 million HUF

The planned finalization date of the project: 2023 Q1

The identification code of the project: GINOP-8.1.3/A-16


“Hiventures’ mission is to support the cutting-edge ideas of freshly established startups and innovative businesses, to strengthen the entrepreneurial culture and protect the values of its community. Since we believe Hungary is the country of great talents, with our new investment programs our aim is to endorse and mentor these young entrepreneurs’ ideas, thus contributing to the growth of a sustainable and continuously developing startup ecosystem.”

Presenting the content of the project

Thanks to the incubation support from the European Space Agency (ESA for short), we are developing the technical background of SURVIOT – with our existing GNSS sensors – with using two new elements of space technology.  These are surface motion studies, which are supported by satellite data communications and the observation data of the Earth, collected by radar satellites.

The ESA grant partially finances the tasks of protecting the Intellectual Property Rights, and the marketing activities. The Hungarian operator of the ESA grant is the ESA BIC Hungary, which is hosted by Design Terminal.

Beneficiary: SURVIOT Monitoring Kft.

Name of the project: Further developing SURVIOT platform with space technology

The amount of the non-refundable grant: 50 000 EUR

The planned finalization date of the project: May of 2023

ESA Grant

ESA BIC Hungary is part of the Europe-wide ESA BIC network, offering access to ESA expertise, knowledge and data, laboratory and testing facilities of the participating universities and hands on business development support from the Incubation Centre teams.